What websites can Remmove.com remove my info from?

Remmove.com only removes your information from the listed sites. Of course, we are constantly adding new sites to our list. If you believe that a site should be added to our list, please contact the team at [email protected].

How do these sites get my info? Are they even legal?

People search websites get personal info from a variety of sources, including public records (such as voter registration, land titles, etc.) and private sources (such as marketer mailing lists, product shipping addresses, etc.). Running these sites is for the most part legal, although some states require the sites to provide the ability to opt-out in certain cases.

What information can't remmove.com remove?

Remmove.com only removes from covered sites. Remmove.com does not remove random blog posts, articles, or social media posts with or without your name or information within them. Additionally, remmove.com cannot remove public records from government databases, although we generally prevent other sites from reproducing that information. Furthermore, neither sex offender records nor mugshots can be removed.

Why should I trust remmove.com with my information?

Remmove.com stores all of your information within our secure system. We do not sell your information, and only share it with contracted companies (who are legally required to delete it immediately after using it) and with sites that require your information to verify opt-out. We will also share your information with law enforcement or the government if we are legally required to share it. In addition, if you delete your account with remmove.com, we will immediately delete all your information except for that required by law (e.g. for tax purposes).

Why is remmove.com a subscription service?

People search sites repost your information after it is deleted. We scan these sites at least once a month (depending on the details of how the site operates). You can cancel or downgrade your subscription any time.

Can I save money and do it myself?

Although it is an extremely tedious and frustrating process, you could opt-out manually. Remmove.com merely automates this task for you so you can focus on more important things. See the websites list to find sites that you should opt-out of for privacy reasons.

How does it actually work?

Under the hood, remmove.com is a combination of technology and humanity. The technological tools keep track of the state of your requests and opt-outs, and allow us to automate some particularly tedious components. The people are trained and experienced in search and remove tasks. Having real people in the loop allows us to identify records that algorithms might overlook.

How fast will my information be removed?

As soon as you finish entering your information and your credit card (for the subscription), we will begin searching and filling take-down requests within 10 business days. Sites vary in the speed at which these requests are processed. Some sites are almost instant, while others require weeks. For as long as your subscription is active, we will follow up with the sites and ensure they are actually removing your information.