The Problem

It's a normal day like any other, when you receive a call from an angry customer. It's unpleasant, but it happens from time to time. However, this call was unique: it came in on your personal cellphone. Worse, the caller mentioned your home address, and even the names of several of your relatives.

How did that happen? The answer is that a large number of companies are selling and giving away your information. If you haven't removed your information, anyone could easily find out your home address, personal phone numbers, and the names of your relatives.

It's not just your information that's available. It's your executives', business partners', and employees' information that's available. For example, if you have customer-facing employees, then customers might be able to get their home phone numbers and email addresses and contact them directly. That's bad for your employees, your business, and your reputation.

The Solution: will automatically remove you and your employees' information from all the websites we cover. is a zero-effort solution on your part - just put in the information you want to protect, and we do the rest. After we remove your information, we'll continuously scan the websites and remove any reposted information, so that you and your employees are protected.

Providing your employees with will not just protect their information - it will show that your business cares about them and their families. In addition to protecting your business, can serve as a powerful "perk" for your employees, providing them with peace of mind by actually reclaiming their privacy.

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